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Living Their Best Life Ever

Linda Ezuka
CRA Consultant

"These ladies are amazing! They are “can do” divas with a great vibe. Their technical skills paired with their unique digital strategies create a powerhouse of impact!"

Queena Tahi
808 Business Moms

These badasses are everything! I honestly never felt uncomfortable reaching out to them. They were (and still are) always in my corner. Enrolling in their broke ass to badass course was the best thing I ever did for my business."

Laura Christine
Podcaster | Musician | Healer

“This program took me so much farther than anything else ever has, and in the shortest amount of time. So many other programs are DONE when they're done, but I'm still blasting forward because of the tools and inspiration they give in their 8 week program & their continued support after the fact. Cannot say enough good about this, and them!"

Kahu Lahela
The Pono Practitioner

“Mahalo Kimi and Pua! Thanks to you I finally have an online presence where people can learn more about me, inquire with me, and get info on the latest happenings, all while I get to be creative! What a relief!!! Can’t thank you enough!!!”

Tarah Long
Galactic Tour Guide + Transformational Coach

“The program itself is of the highest quality content. Kimi and Pua will take you from an idea alone to a full-blown course or business in ONLY 8 WEEKS! And they give so much support, they literally will bleed for you, if you show up and are willing to give your all.”

Davis Tomita (and his mom, Gretel)
12-Year Old Owner of Rooster BJJ

“Thank you [Kimi + Pua] for your encouragement and vast knowledge. This would still be just an idea if it weren’t for your support. My son and I were moving at turtle pace with this biz between his 7th grade homework, Boy Scouts, Chinese school, and jiu jitsu but we took inspired action, moved forward, and look at what we did! roosterbjj.com

Olivera Milojkovic
Midlife Coach for Women

“You two are amaaaazing! I feel that all the words in the dictionary cannot describe what you are. There is such an infections, high, everything-is-possible energy about you both. You have incredible, deep listening skills and such tender, open, loving hearts. Who wouldn’t want to be around that!?! Your passion, enthusiasm, laser focus, and drive for your client to achieve their goal is as strong as their own, and more! You are one unique and incredibly empowered Badass dream team.”

La & Earnest Pasion
Live, Love, La-Pasion Blog

“I have to give a shout to Kimi and Pua because I see such a positive change and such a glimmer of greatness (which I’ve always seen) in [my wife] ever since [she] has been taking this course. She has found her passion in something that means a lot to her and she has grown leaps and bounds because of it. I wholeheartedly endorse this course, so anybody reading this post, check this course out! You will not regret it! Plus if you sign up, some of the proceeds go to an awesome charity! The secret to living is giving!”

Jamie Yoshida
Owner of The Bead Gallery Honolulu

“I started a new plan for my business – where I can focus all of the information that’s been storing up in my brain and body for the last 20 years, and use it towards working smarter…not just harder.

Thanks for providing a space to think about how amazing life is.

Oh, one more thing, because my awareness of time is more sharpened, I’ve become more decisive. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Not sure. But the results have made me happy – no more hemming and hawing, and wasting time. Either I’m doing it…or I’m not. And if I’m not… then I don’t think about it.”


Emma Kupu Mitchell
Yoga Nidra | Meditation | Sacred Oils

“I need to give BIG shout out to Kimi and Pua, who inspired me to create an online program – a HUGE leap of faith for me….thank you ladies, words cannot express just how grateful I am.

If you want to expand your business and follow your passion I highly recommend spending time with these TWO amazing coaches!!”

Ryan Charaba
First Wakeups

“Broke Ass to Badass is easily one of the best investments I have made for myself.

This course is powerhouse of love, creativity, and accountability. You can see week in and week out, in the lessons, and on calls, that Kimi and Pua, and their program, are in total integrity and are committed to your vision.

Immediately starting this course you are empowered to show up as your truest and most authentic self without fear of judgement or reprisal. Throughout the course, you receive honest and genuine feedback. This empowers and inspires me to make decisions and tweaks based off Kimi and Pua’s most honest truths. I am lifted when I am down and lifted even higher when I am up, and I am held accountable to the things I say I want in my life.

The vision for myself and my business is exponentially more dialed in since I started working with Kimi and Pua. Broke Ass to Badass starts with the most basics until all details are covered and no stone unturned. Thank you Kimi and Pua for all that you have done for me and all you will continue to do.”

Geralyn Camarillo
Joy Generator | Photographer | Wellness Educator

“Spending some quality time with me on this ALOHA Friday. Busting open this beautiful brand new leather journal that I’ve been wanting to use since 2016! Even doing this simple act of using something I’ve been sitting on for two years is a breakthrough. Really getting to know myself even more…THANK YOU, B2B, for this opportunity of #selfdiscovery.”