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What's up, nerds?!

We are Kimi + Pua

We tried the whole 9-5 thing, and it just wasn't for us. Then we started our own business and tried the “hustle til you die” thing. That left us tired, grouchy, and broke. We knew there had to be another way. We ditched the traditional entrepreneurial models and built a badass online business from a foundation of efficiency and productivity in the pursuit of our Best Life Ever. This is our weekly podcast dedicated to helping you to create the freedom, life, and business of your dreams. Get ready to go from Broke-ass to BADA$$!



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Meet Your Hosts

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Kimi Morton (1)

These fitness trainers turned corporate productivity coaches turned business coaches believe there are too many entrepreneurs with BIG DREAMS to serve the world in badass, amazing ways, that end up feeling like it would be easier to just quit and go back to a “real job”. BLE Digital is more than a business, it’s a radical movement to empower people to follow their dreams and expand the way they think, work, and live in today’s modern world.



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Quit Bleeping Around
The Uplifting Content Podcast
The Gratitude Podcast
Ambitious Entrepreneur Show
Wings of Inspired Business
Blogging Your Passion
Badass Business Podcast
Rise Up For You
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From Passion to Paycheck
Sexy Soul Radio
Tiny Leaps- Big Changes
Inspired Conversations
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Breakthrough Success
The Art of Giving a Damn
The Photogs Unite
Work From Your Happy Place
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